ARMOR and ARJOBEX join forces to provide labelling solutions


Thermal transfer applications on synthetic paper materials have just been simplified due to ARMOR’s recent partnership with Arjobex. After extensive testing, the companies have unveiled a compatibility chart that match ribbons from the world leader in thermal transfer to Polyart materials from the world leader in synthetic papers.

This compatibility chart assists Polyart resellers and converters by:

  • Helping them find the best ribbon for their specific applications
  • Providing information about the benefits of using different types of Polyart materials
  • Proposing several different combinations at various performance capabilities

For ARMOR distributors, these tests reinforce the confidence that their ribbons’ offering works on an extensive range of label materials to satisfy nearly all market needs.

All Polyart synthetic papers are made of high-density Polyethylene film (HDPE) to resist to water, grease, tear, and temperature up to -60°C (-76°F). Obtaining a quality printed result on these papers is important, and that’s why ARMOR and Arjobex are combining their efforts to ensure the job is done the right way.

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