ARMOR Colombia destined for success with new slitting machine


COLOMBIA, Rio Negro – Like many other companies, ARMOR and its subsidiaries worked tirelessly to make ends meet during the COVID-19 pandemic. As the company entered 2021, production and sales ramped up exponentially. The uptick in demand prompted many of ARMOR’s locations to bring on extra employees and install new technologies. 

ARMOR Colombia was able to replace an old slitting machine that has proven to be a massive success for the company. The new machine can now fulfill all the demands of customers in the textile industry – specifically those who are ordering AXR TX.  

“They [the customers] are very happy to have an alternate textile supplier like ARMOR, who is a serious, customer-oriented partner,” says Marc Flo, Textile Business Development Manager at ARMOR.  

Many of the current textile suppliers in Colombia offer low-quality, price-driven products through bad service and unstable supply chains. With the addition of the new slitting machine, ARMOR can now address those issues and meet the needs of current and prospective customers. The ARMOR group has built its foundation on offering top-of-range products while valuing the customer experience. Now, the Colombian subsidiary can offer higher service quality to offset its competitors.  

The upgraded equipment also addresses another need – customers not purchasing ribbons from ARMOR due to the lack of labeling available for AXR TX. 

“They prefer to buy both from the same supplier,” says Flo.  

Although ARMOR Colombia has brought a new machine in, the old one will still be used in production as a back-up.  

The previous slitting machine produced, on average, 40 meters per minute, versus the new one that slits around 90 meters per minute. It’s important to note that the new cut system has circular blades that will ensure a clean cut; further increasing durability of the machine parts.  

“With the old machine, the system was single-edge disposable blades, and we had a large consumption of blades,” says Rafael Toro, Operations Manager at ARMOR Colombia.  

The implementation of new technology has received great customer feedback – which helps support ARMOR’s mission of using the latest technology to produce the most high-quality thermal transfer ribbons on the market. It is a goal of the company that ARMOR Brazil and other subsidiaries will also reap the benefits of a new slitting machine in the future. 

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