National Safety Month – Keeping Two ii’s on Safety

national safety month

June is National Safety Month, when the emphasis is put on keeping each other safe at work and anywhere else. Leading organizations focus on physical and physiological Safety 365 days a year. At IIMAK, we’ve made it a priority and recently decided to take our internal Safety to a new level by hiring a leading Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) manager, Kevin Izard-Carroll!

We sat with Kevin to go over some of his main goals for IIMAK. After less than 30 days on the job, he has some exciting plans for our manufacturing team and beyond! 

Working as a team to assess smaller work areas together through ‘GEMBA Walks’: 

With an ever-expanding operations team, zeroing in on one small area at a time is essential to process improvement. This will allow each team member to bring their knowledge and skills to the table while examining opportunities for improvement within that specified area. This is an extended effort that will allow others to point out areas of improvement that some may not have the specific expertise to notice. Our team’s thought process on this initiative will also bring them to the ground level in understanding who does what within our business.

Building security:

Another goal is to implement a new Management of Change (MOC) process in our facility. This is another team effort that will bring the viewpoints of different roles into one, allowing us to collaboratively analyze and implement any change when it comes to potential hazards risks of any new equipment, layout changes, and more. This approach will enable the team to safeguard all workers from potential harm in advance of the proposed update. Kevin’s goal is to push a culture of being proactive as opposed to reactive.

Enhancing the ‘Near-Miss’ reporting system:

A near-miss reporting system allows our team to evaluate potential safety hazards within the facility, ensuring that they are mitigated before an actual incident. A proper assessment can be conducted to ensure that the potential risk is addressed, and action is taken if needed to eliminate the potential hazard.

Our new EHS leader is looking forward to instilling a new positive culture of Safety within the facility where overall safety reporting is documented, encouraged, and rewarded throughout the facility.

Future Of ARMOR-IIMAK Safety

With a new recent internal employee safety campaign where our employees are “Keeping Two ii’s on Safety!”, our team has set much longer-term safety goals for ARMOR-IIMAK as a whole and plans to place most of their focus on enhancing our environmental impact. Our entire operations and safety team is highly motivated to moving ARMOR-IIMAK into the future of Safety, and internally our employees are ready to help drive the change!

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