ACES, the ARMOR-IIMAK range logic

A range logic that helps you make the right ribbon choice!


ACCESS, CLUB, EXPERT and SPECIALS: the whole thermal transfer ribbon range is clear and easy to understand.  

Based on a cost/performance ratio, ARMOR is introducing 3 families of Thermal Transfer ribbons, each of them comprising a wax, a wax-resin and resin(s).  

ARMOR-IIMAK range logic


All what is needed for price driven businesses.  

Our competitive ribbons with the usual ARMOR-IIMAK quality:  


The ribbons for most applications with the best quality-price ratio and label compatibilities.  

Cover 80% of the standard labeling needs with the most versatile ribbons:  


For the most demanding or specific applications with stringent requirements. 

The quality of the print of these ribbons make them perfect for long term durability, traceability and resistance to extreme conditions.  


We have other ribbons designed to meet specific applications:

The ARMOR-IIMAK range includes other ribbons designed to meet highly specific business needs.   

Our company has maintained close business relations with ARMOR-IIMAK, the main reasons are:
1. It has been a cooperative and trustworthy partnership for many years.
2. They are a world class brand in the industry with complete, quality, and high versatility product range.
3. ARMOR-IIMAK has strong after sales service where I can work with confidence.

SuARMOR-IIMAK ribbons distributor in Taiwan

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