2000 Days : Armor-IIMAK Mexico Achieves Remarkable Safety Milestone!

ARMOR-IIMAK Mexico was proud to recently celebrate a safety milestone of 2,000 days without an accident.  Ensuring workers’ safety is paramount as ARMOR-IIMAK employees are the company’s most essential and most important asset. 

To better appreciate how this achievement was accomplished, Wendolyn Lopez, Safety Clerk and Silvestre Callejas, Operations Manager, were asked to share their thoughts on achieving safety in the workplace.  When asked about how this goal was achieved, Lopez identified four core pillars of a successful safety program: 

  • Awareness of employees about safe work practices. 
  • Development of a visual factory with signage, charts and other visual tolos. 
  • Generation of work instructions for operational activities. 
  • Occupational health and safety campaigns. 

When asked about the key values needed to build and sustain an effective work safety program, Callejas identified the following:   

  • Clear Communication and objectives 
  • Committed leadership 
  • Operational discipline 
  • Recognition 
  • Rules and procedures 
  • Training 

Lopez ended the discussion by identifying future initiatives to enhance plant safety even further as the team looks towards its next major safety milestone of 3000 days without an accident. 

  • Accident investigation results are presented to all levels of the organization 
  • Continuous review of company facilities for potential unsafe conditions and quick resolution of indentified issues. 
  • Dissemination of safety information at all company fórums. 
  • Incorporation of safety topics into all institutional messages.  
  • Ongoing safety talks and tours. 

Congratulations to the team at ARMOR-IIMAK Mexico! 

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