A new plant for ARMOR-IIMAK in Brazil

“2021 was an excellent year of many achievements; 2022 is bringing a new year of great opportunities and growth for the largest RIBBONS production and sales company in Brazil.” Jean Barbosa, Operations manager in Brazil.  

Manager's speech
Manager’s speech

ARMOR-IIMAK expands its borders in a new plant with 8,000 sqm of area, three times larger than the previous plant, better and much more prepared to serve our customers, more comfort for employees, and significant optimization of the entire production process.  

new plant

Our FG and jumbo storage capacity covers up to 5 months of activity, enabling us to absorb the supply chain fluctuations and offer a consistent service to our partners. In addition, the increased production capacity, which doubles our current combined volume of ARMOR and IIMAK sites, ensures support for our customers’ development on a long-term basis. 

There were no incidents or accidents throughout the process of moving. Our team was dedicated to packing up and moving our previous location to our new home while continuing to provide excellent service to customers.

New plant with all the staff

As we embark on a new step in our history, we are grateful for the engagement and dedication of all our employees. . 

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