Introducing MY ARMOR-IIMAK: ARMOR-IIMAK’s Cutting-Edge Customer Portal!

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ARMOR-IIMAK proudly announces the culmination of its Digital Platform with the launch of MY ARMOR-IIMAK globally on April 15, 2024! This innovative customer portal, seamlessly integrated into its ecosystem, marks the final piece of its comprehensive digital infrastructure, which includes the ARMOR-IIMAK website and its Library.

MY ARMOR-IIMAK represents a significant leap forward, offering its customers the perfect fusion of IIMAK* and Armor technologies. With its mobile-friendly interface, this portal replaces its previous platforms, delivering an unparalleled user experience.

At the heart of its initiative was a simple goal: to empower its customers. ARMOR-IIMAK envisioned a digital platform that not only facilitates swift access to vital information but also streamlines tasks, freeing up valuable time for its clients to focus on growing their businesses.

Built upon a foundation of customer-centric values, MY ARMOR-IIMAK demonstrates its deep commitment to enhancing the customer experience across its entire digital ecosystem.

New features include:

  • Easy item search function
  • Intuitive customer experience
  • Easy to find or create a new request
  • Easy interaction between customer and Customer Service

“It’s a great, great project that we’ve run in close collaboration with our fantastic customers. They did the first tests for us and helped fine-tune the digital platform! This platform is truly unique and pioneering! It’s going to be so much easier to go further together!” said Annie Gourves, Global Digital Marketing Director, who led the new Digital Platform.

Sharon Cornuelle, Digital Marketing Manager, NA said, “This new platform will give its customers an elevated experience. During customer testing in January of this year, customers were excited about how intuitive and easy the customer portal was to use. It’s comments like that that let you know you are on the right track.”

*Inside IIMAK US integration in 2025


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