Unveiling the success of ARMOR-IIMAK India Experience day 2023

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A Glimpse into the Future

The excitement was palpable as we unveiled our latest product range, which includes GP 725 i25, PRIME Mark, and SP 330 for India’s market. Along with the range, we also showcased a game changer for thermal transfer printer with Clean Start® — a patented printhead cleaner solution that now comes with all inkanto ribbons and compliment to inkanto cleaning wipe.

These innovations hold the promise of transforming the industry landscape and fulfilling the gap between products to provide a complete thermal transfer solution to meet the evolving needs of their end-users.

ARMOR-IIMAK dedicated to designing and manufacturing a comprehensive range of products, including Wax, Wax-Resin, and Resin, to offer a complete thermal transfer ribbon solution enriched with unique inkanto® benefits. These benefits not only reflect the confidence in their products but also significantly enhance the confidence for us of winning new projects in the market

Prateek MalhotraCommitted partner with over a decade of collaboration

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In an ever-evolving regulatory landscape, staying informed and adapting is essential. We had a dedicated session to understand, discuss and share the new 2D barcode requirements set forth by GS1 and the influence on businesses globally. Our goal is not only on compliance but also to support our partners harness and adapt to these changes to drive productivity and growth.

When you think about ARMOR-IIMAK, only three aspects spring to my mind: a steadfast and consistent supply, quality of the product, and exemplary professional services

Priya SharmaDedicated partner with 28 years of collaborative experience

ARMOR-IIMAK India Experience Day 2023 in Chennai marked a pivotal moment in our pursuit of fostering collaboration and driving innovation. ARMOR-IIMAK India extends its gratitude to all partners and esteemed speakers who made this event a remarkable achievement.

Check out our video summarizing the highlights from the event !

ARMOR-IIMAK’s built-in cleaning feature CleanStart® that come along with the ribbon itself are able to remove debris before it builds up on the printhead. The combination of both CleanStart® and Cleaning Wipes unquestionably extends the lifespan of the printer’s printhead.

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